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This site is written by Anthony Chipoletti. Most of what is here is simply my own opinion, which can change from time to time.

My opinions are often based on ideas such as the ones at this site: The Philosophy of Objectivism One of the ideas there that I particularly like is that it is undeniable that we exist, have an identity, and are aware of reality. Also that these three axioms are indeed undeniable, however, they are not self-evident. Rather that nothing is self-evident because everything must be tested by reality.

"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future."
- John F. Kennedy

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Friday, November 23, 2018

Just a passing thought

Just a thought about my recent ideas that might help to define the brain's ability to represent the intangible awareness.

While playing a video game today that required EXTREMELY difficult instant memory recall, it took me about 36 hours to solve the puzzle which required over forty correct clicks of the mouse to select specific tiles to match in 95 seconds.

While failing to solve the puzzle during the 36 hours, I constantly allowed my brain to relax and stop the game for a few seconds, or much longer, before trying to solve it again. I had to continue every new attempt to solve the puzzle WITHOUT ANY TIME OR THOUGHT ABOUT RESTING OR PAUSING EVEN FOR A FEW SECONDS. Then the puzzle was solved in just a few minutes.

THIS FAILED BECAUSE OF WHAT I THINK IS TRUE ABOUT OUR HUMAN EXISTENCE. This idea about our concepts of reality and history or pre-history was described by Robert Lanza in Biocentrism to be a complete paradigm shift and reconstruction of the entire world view every time we learn something new. So the whole history of any kind is simply a construct of the brain and not a 'solid' physical reality that exists outside of the brain.

Related to this idea of mine, I happened to hear a football player say that the team would have to practice without any breaks to remember the plays, in order to 'imprint' the plays into the players' memories.

All this seems to me to support a claim I recently saw from I think Dr Robert Lanza and others, such as Anil Seth, that it might be true that our loss of orientation, such as, when entering or leaving a room or just changing thoughts when trying to recall some idea which instantly disappears and we forget everything we were just thinking a few seconds ago, then we need to somehow stop and wait for our attention to repeat itself or go back into the last place or idea to recall that we need to shop for specific foods or goods soon :)

I think this reinforces the possible truth about our brain being the main source of physical existence, that is, we are required to reset 'reality' as defined by the brain, because there is no static, solid physicality anywhere, just inside the brain where we translate our intangible awareness into physical settings that are simply constructs of the brain trying to imagine a consistent physical reality which only exists for an instant because it is a construct of the brain, not a permanent physical cosmos which exists outside of the brain ?????????

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Stone Spirit

Stone Spirit

by Anthony Chipoletti

Parts of me have turned to stone,

and my only joy is being alone.

Other parts dissolve from me

into the next reality.

Only my spirit truely lives,

where other spirits always give

wholesomeness to who I am.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Navigation, and goal.

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Top 5 Best Free Text-To-Speech Websites (2018)

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This site is written by Anthony Chipoletti. Except for my paperback, Kindle and Audible book links to Amazon, there are no direct sales links on my site. Almost every link on this site goes to free articles or web pages that add information to my topics. I hope the topics will be of some help.

The goal of this site is to express my belief that I am an intangible observer of everything physical, including myself. As an observer, I never become the observed. I create my physical existence by observing it.

Reference: QUOTE: '.time and space are tools of the mind.' Does Time Really Exist?
Quote is from the article on the website:
Biocentrism theory of Dr. Robert Lanza.

Exploring Biocentrism with Bob Berman.
Inquire Within Podcast By Darren Main.

My own opinion about our freedom to choose is that we have the ability to define ourselves as an observer. Everyone has the freedom to define their own awareness from their own point of view. There might be billions of different ways to observe reality. Just as there are a billion different stars. There are also billions of ways to define what we observe. There are obviously billions of objects which can be observed. The question for science to answer now seems to be exactly how are any physical objects created. Or perhaps, whether what is observed is actually physical or simply perceived to be physical. Identifying awareness as solely a physical object might limit our freedom to choose. My opinions are often based on ideas such as the ones at this site: The Philosophy of Objectivism One of the ideas there that I particularly like is that it is undeniable that we exist, have an identity, and are aware of reality. Also that these three axioms are indeed undeniable, however, they are not self-evident. Rather that nothing is self-evident because everything must be tested by reality.

We can only be what we give ourselves the power to be. Native American proverb.
We can only be what we give ourselves the power to be. Native American proverb.

The name and content of this site were changed on January 1, 2018. For the last update and content of the previous version of the site Visit the internet archive for Science and science fiction. This link to the archive and most external links will open a new tab in the browser. My journal is available on this site at My journal from the early 1990s up to the time when I wrote my science fiction story, Android, Age One. The story is at the bottom of the home page. Internal pages should open in the same browser tab.

How to search for a word on a webpage.

I added many Reference web links in the transcript of the interview with Sue Grandys and added my comments to clarify what I was thinking at the time.

Most of what is here is simply my own opinion, which can change from time to time. I think it is wise to believe in one's own experiences, and whatever science can prove. Please forgive me if any of my opinions seem to be unreasonable. Everyone should be free to express their opinions, and have the right to change them when they choose. Enjoy! - Anthony Chipoletti

My audio podcast on Google Play
The illusion of time and after death communication.

My audio podcast After death communication or clouds? on iTunes.

My audio podcast After death communication or clouds? at TalkShoe

Sunday, December 31, 2017

After death communication

Why I believe we have an intangible awareness which exists forever and transcends all limits, even biological death. An actual event in my life showing me after death communication is real and unexplainable. Humans may actually be made of star stuff, as Carl Sagan said. Our awareness of life may have existed and will exist forever.

Download my Audio MP3 After death communication. Episode 12. About 4 minutes. This post is an edited transcript of the audio.

My real life experience during a rain ritual. My grandchildren, Dakota Jones and Mizuko Star, who had died, seemed to be communicating with me.

My grandson Dakota had died at birth several years ago. His sister had died a few years before his death in a miscarriage. I was not there when they died.

An After Death Communication or just some clouds?

On the day, and at the exact time, of the ADC I was performing a Lakota ritual alone in the front yard of my deceased parent's home, at 2111 Leishman Avenue, Arnold, PA 15068.

There had been a drought in the area for at least a week. The ritual was to address the drought and I had no expectation at all about the children being involved in an ADC. The ADC was completely unexpected. During the ritual and about the same time as the ADC, a strong smell of fresh rainwater seemed to rise from the dried out lawn where I was standing and go up into the sky where the ADC appeared a few seconds later.

I had no active thoughts of the children at the time of the ADC, other than the memory of their deaths of course. However I was completely focused on the Lakota ritual I was performing alone in the front lawn. The ritual required a willing sacrifice of a treasured object of mine. I chose a cassette tape which actually had Rain in its title. It was a white noise meditation audio which I often used to relax and block out distracting sounds.

The ritual required me to stand on open ground, the lawn of my deceased parent's home in this case, facing west with feet spread about shoulder width. I ended the ritual by leaning backwards so my upper body was almost parallel to the ground, my head facing upward and toward the east. Then the ADC happened.

The entire sky appeared like a thick pink and blue blanket of cloud cover. One bright star appeared in its normal place in the sky directly above me. I took this to be Dakota. Then as I gazed backwards toward the eastern horizon a less bright twinkling star appeared in a usual place in the sky except it seemed to be hiding behind a tall tree across the street from my parent's home. I took this to be my granddaughter who had died in the miscarriage. I was completely shocked by the appearance of the sky, the entire sky in all directions was covered by the pink and blue cloud cover and no other stars nor any break in the cloud cover appeared anywhere except for the two stars I described.

The ADC was completely sudden except there appeared to be a quality of eternity within the few seconds of the ADC, even though the ADC would certainly end in a few seconds, the actual relationship of the two children and every aspect and being in the true reality would always be there in love and compassion.

If the audio here will not play in your browser, try here: Feedburner links to all my audio podcasts.

The Facebook page of Hawk Jones, the childrens' father.

Is there an afterlife? The science of biocentrism can prove there is, claims Professor Robert Lanza

YouTube video of an interview with the childrens' mother, Kara LC Jones

My daughter Kara's vision took place at her home, near Seattle, Washington.


i did not know

my dad's mother

very well,

that substantial

full blooded italian

woman whose

maiden name was


yet she consumed

my afternoon at the lake

her death consumed


and i wondered,

if the sunlight

on the water

of Greenlake

was her spirit,

the glare, the warmth,

the light--

was it her?

-k l chipoletti

Kota Press, the web site of the children's parents. Creative grief counseling and art work.

There have been several after death events in my life. The first one I can recall was about age 7 in 1945 a few years after my uncle was killed in the US Army as described in an earlier blog post below. The other events happened much more closely to the actual date of the death of a friend or family member and were just brief encounters such as a smell or an unexpected encounter with a bird.

Beyond the Light Anthony Chipoletti
Early in 1995, about one year before my mother's death, December 14, 1995, I saw a copy of the book Beyond the Light, written by P. M. H. Atwater. I seemed to have many of the personal attributes of the people she described as near death survivors. I could not clearly recall any NDE event except for a brief childhood episode after tonsil surgery under ether;
I wrote to her, and she sent seminar details;

I also realized that the medical community and other folks around Pittsburgh PA were interested or involved in NDE research. For example, one of the local hospitals was cooling bodies of patients, and repairing their blood vessels near the brain stem. Patients who survived lost all awareness of who they were, and any other personal identity, including other skills such as reading and writing.

Dr. Atwater's research seemed to me to include reputable sources in the scientific and medical communities.

In May of 1996, six months after my mother's death on December 14, 1995, and very near my mother's birthday on May 9, I was preparing for a visit to the city of Pittsburgh by P. M. H. Atwater.

Atwater had given me three names and phone numbers to call for background information on her near death research, which she was scheduled to speak about in June 1996 at my invitation.

My first call was to a gentleman who hosted near death seminars in his home for many years. He was a dedicated skeptic and did not believe the experience was real.

The second person was the mother of a young son. She and her son experienced an unusual event, and had been featured on a television show. However, she felt that people would inflate their experiences to get attention, as she did.

The third call lasted about thirty minutes. I do not recall any of the conversation. The woman had experienced a profound near death event, however, she sought no publicity and received none.

As soon as I hung up the phone after the third call, my room, which is about nine feet high and twelve feet square, lit up with a wonderful, pale light. I had risen from my chair, just after the call, and immediately sat back down. The light lasted about twenty minutes, then went away.
About one year after my Light experience, I asked P. M. H. Atwater if she had informed her friend about it. She stated that the Light experience had happened to many others after speaking with her friend, so she had not mentioned mine!

The website of the third person, Nancy Clark

Contributor's Comments on the Experience

Editor:Were there any psychological effects of the light?

My psychological interpretation of the light was that it consisted of, or included, the spiritual presence of my mother, who had died about six months before the light appeared;

Editor: As described, it just sounds like a curiosity. Perhaps that's all it was, I don't want to put words in your mouth, but perhaps there were other effects?

There were no other effects;

Editor:And did the light seem to have a source, interact with whatever illumination was already in the room (what was that?), be sourceless, or what?

The light did not seem to me to have a physical source, nor interact with any physical aspect; The room was lit with a bare 100 watt bulb in a mid ceiling fixture; The home is probably built around 1930 or 1940 and has been renovated.

The light fixture is not modern and dates probably from the 1950s or even the original building; it has no adjustments nor shades, simply 120 volts and a ceramic bulb receptor;
When we moved into the home, around 1990, I cleaned the dust from the ceiling fixture and reconnected the house wires to the electrical connections at the base of the fixture, which is metal.

The illusion of time

Download my Audio MP3 The illusion of time. About 4 minutes. This post is an edited transcript of the audio.

My real life experience showing me my brain needed weeks to construct the present moment. Inside the brain the so-called future may actually be the past. The brain needs a long time to construct the present moment. The event below happened to me in the mid 1990s which was about 50 years after I had a near death experience at age seven. I was working through PMH Atwater's book FUTURE MEMORY. You can find the book with a web search. James van Avery has an experiment which PMH Atwater thoroughly outlines in the book.
Here is a description of the James van Avery experiment.
I worked through the experiment VERY SLOWLY over several days. I let everything marinate in my mind. The outcome of the lesson was a picture which I drew in pencil on a piece of typewriter paper. I set it aside for several weeks. There was an internet workshop at Verizon Corporate offices in Pittsburgh PA which I attended about a month later. When I arrived at the Verizon office building there were about 20 people already seated in the presentation room. As soon as I sat down, I got chills and goosebumps!

This room was in the pencil drawing which I had drawn last month. I dismissed the idea of seeing the future because something directly in front of me in my drawing was MISSING. Then a few seconds before the demonstration began two young women arrived LATE to the lecture. They quickly grabbed two chairs for themselves, AND PLACED THE CHAIRS EXACTLY WHERE THE CHAIRS AND THE WOMEN WERE DRAWN DURING MY EXPERIMENT.

Years later I realized I was actually seeing the past. My brain was very slow at constructing the moment of the lecture. It cannot catch up to the speed of infinite awareness EVER. It just sees a movie filmed a LONG TIME AGO. I did actually experience the lecture exactly as it happened except my brain needed all of the so-called future to get the movie of the lecture ready to be seen.

I USUALLY DISAGREE WITH almost any interpretation of events like this experience. My motto is LET'S AGREE TO DISAGREE. One IMPORTANT DETAIL, my drawing was a MIRROR IMAGE of the actual scene. I had to flip the paper over and view it from the back to align the actual scene as it appeared to me during the lecture.

Writer's note: This episode answered for me, why I had nightmares about President Kennedy being killed in Dallas for about a month before he was actually assassinated while I was working in the Pentagon.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

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The Graviton Ring and the Structure of Everything Science Fiction Paperback Book
The Graviton Ring and the Structure of Everything science fiction paperback book
What if the Big Bang, which is assumed to have created our cosmos, actually destroyed our spiritual freedom, trapping us as physical entities bound to the fabric of the time-space continuum for billions of light years? A young scientist, hoping to improve the quality of life for elderly people, has discovered new information about human DNA that might free us from this ancient bondage.

All editions of The Graviton Ring are structured as a reader-friendly screenplay. As of November 2018, the script has not yet been filmed.

The Graviton Ring Audible Audio Edition
Amazon dot com The Graviton Ring Audible Audio by Maxine Lennon.

The Graviton Ring eBook edition

Kindle book. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading.

Amazon Author Page Anthony Chipoletti
Amazon Author Page Anthony Chipoletti

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Religious Freedom, Free Thought, Thought Experiments

United States Commission on International Religious Freedom

United States Commission on International Religious Freedom

QUOTE USCIRF is an independent, bipartisan U.S. federal government commission, the first of its kind in the world, dedicated to defending the universal right to freedom of religion or belief abroad. UNQUOTE.

What is a Freethinker? - Freedom From Religion Foundation: Quote The mission of the Center for Inquiry is to foster a secular society based on reason, science, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values. Unquote.

Thought Experiments (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) Quote: Thought experiments are devices of the imagination used to investigate the nature of things. Unquote.

Why Are You a Christian?

Can a Freethinker Believe in God? Free Think Tank

Freethinkers, Reason, and Religion, Michael W. Austin Ph.D., Psychology Today, Freedom of thought and evidence. Posted Nov 07, 2014.

Freethinkers, Reason, and Religion, Michael W. Austin Ph.D., Huffington Post, Updated Dec 06, 2017

  • My own scientific philosophy 
  • I actually believe that every person, beyond just humans, any sentient entity has an infinite set of ways to identify themselves, and an infinite set of ways to observe reality, no two of whom can ever experience any one else's point of view exactly... If any one wants to define any aspect of reality, any characteristic of one's own existence or experience, then they are the only one who can actually do that, without beginning, without ending, without permission and without limits of any kind... my own point of view is that I exist as an infinite, eternal, intangible awareness of every aspect of existence, right now, no after life, not even a before life, everything has existed forever, it just changes shape now and then :) no one created it... as far as who I am physically, I am not any one physical entity, the human body is composed of particle physics and energy fields, none of which has any permanent state of being, it changes constantly, everything I need to exist, I have now... I also think that reality moves at an infinite speed, it never pauses nor repeats anything, any time, it cannot be defined in human terms, it always existed, no one gave it, no one can take it away, we are intangible awareness of tangible changes... these two aspects cannot be separated from each other, they are the yin-yang, we are aware of our own existence because we have both an intangible point of view, which stays the same and a physical presence, which always changes... - Anthony Chipoletti

Yin yang

Concepts of God Stanford Encyclopedia. Sue Grandys interview with me in 2007.

Concepts of God Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

My audio podcasts about science recorded about 2006.
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PODCAST EPISODE 1 - Sue Grandys interview transcript recorded about 2007. Audio podcast of Sue Grandys interview with me on her website Uncomfortable Questions, about 45 minutes. With your host Sue Grandys, big questions of ordinary people.
This is an edited transcript of Episode 1 of my podcast.

Welcome. This is Uncomfortable Questions show number 48. I am your host Sue Grandys. This show sets out to discover what ordinary people have discovered about life love spirituality consciousness and share their views on the journey they've taken. Sorry this show is so long in coming. I was out of action for a couple of weeks after minor surgery but I'm back again. Today's interview is with graviton ring as he is known on the web at age 67 Science-Fiction writer and armchair cosmologist. He taught me I still have a ways to go as an interviewer. His ideas are really out there and hard to put into words. At one point I just scrapped all my questions and just tried to follow him. I thought of all the brilliant questions I should have asked after the interview but it was great fun and I hope it really makes you think. Enjoy the view of the inside.

Does evil exist?
I would say it doesn't exist as most people think of it. My first thought when I wrote to you was since everyone said Hitler I was thinking what about Hitler made what he did evil. Essentially there is no such thing as evil until it is actually done. But what he was trying to do is to make something perfect [which is an object of our awareness].

Hitler imagined a superior race of humans that does not actually exist.
QUOTE: A popular study of the bogus race doctrines of the Nazis (and others) in the light of reason and scientific facts, with special reference to anti-Semitism. UNQUOTE

Some ideas about Objective Reality.


He was trying to perfect something which I think is an object of our observation. We are the actual awareness of what's happening in the physical reality. But if we become this physical reality we make ourselves an object this was what I was thinking at this time. It's trying to make something perfect in the physical reality.

Do you think this was his motivation.
Oh I've read all of his papers and all of his speeches. I was in the Pentagon for 21 months in 1962 and 1963 when JFK was president and they had a nazi museum. Hitler owned the first electron microscope. He bought it off the inventor.The Nazi membership book. It was like being an Alice in Wonderland. It was like six feet high about four feet wide and at least a foot thick. And it was the most beautiful red and black leather you could ever imagine. And you open up the pages and there Adolph Hitler wrote his name in huge letters like he was in some kind of different dimension of reality.

Do you think he even thought about all the death the killing and if this even occurred to him as being wrong.
No because he thought this was right. He wanted to make something the evil person other than himself which I think is called projection. When a person has this criminal insanity they have to project this onto someone else because how would you live with yourself if you saw yourself as Hitler. You know you couldn't do it. So you have to project this evil onto someone else. And I think he just randomly picked the Jewish people because there was nothing in his philosophy about this up until a certain point where all of his staff was criminally insane. And I talked to an older man who was young when Hitler first started which was like 1921 he was living in Germany and he said Hitler had a small group of people less than 50 people. They went from town to town and they had machine guns and he said this was the greatest thing in the world to have a machine gun. So this is how he got popular you know well what I think is World War One caused World War Two what happened after World War One is they punished all the enemy the so-called enemies who were defeated. And then it builds up you know like 20 or 30 years later all this revenge comes back. And there's another war.

I want to comment briefly about the elderly man saying that having machine guns was something to be desired at that time. In the early 1920s, the man stated that many villages like his were often attacked by marauders with guns or weapons which were not available to most people living in villages such as his. The people were forced to defend themselves with only inadequate tools such as knives or pitchforks. So the reason that weapons like machine guns were to be desired was to defend themselves from these crimes.

Anne Frank Life in Germany Hitlers antisemitism
Quote: It is difficult to pinpoint one single trigger for Adolf Hitler’s antisemitism, but three key reasons can be identified: the anti-Jewish climate in pre-war Vienna, Germany’s defeat in the First World War and Hitler’s belief that some races were superior and others inferior Unquote

So back to evil. You don't think it exists.

Well I tried to think about why. Like when I was seven years old I had a near-death experience very very short one. But I knew there were certain people in my near-death experience, my uncle who had been killed like two years earlier he was killed in Britain in an accident while he was in the US Army. [In my near death experience] he told me things which were going to happen in the next 20 years. And they all happened, so to me, this is our reality.

Grave site and obituary of my Uncle PFC Neal Chipoletti: Find a grave

PFC Arnold Neal Chipoletti
Neal and I are on the right:
Weido, Nunzio [in uniform], Salvio, Rosina, Frank, Antonio, my Uncle Neal.
Millie, Berdina, Betty [in front], Yolanda, Donnie and me, Anthony Chipoletti. The Chipoletti Family
My Uncle Neal Chipoletti
BIRTH 21 Jun 1913
DEATH 24 Mar 1944 England
BURIAL Greenwood Memorial Park Lower Burrell, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, USA
MEMORIAL ID 6 1 8 5 2 9 7 5

PFC Arnold N. Chipoletti
Hometown: Arnold, Pennsylvania 15068
Unit: 1121st Quartermaster Company, Aviation -
According to USAAF Data 876th Chemical Company
Service Number 1 3 1 3 1 6 7 2
Date Lost 24th of March 1944

The Yelden crash is extensively documented within Bill Donald's book JOHN BURN ONE-ZERO-FIVE. This ship was a radar equipped PFF (Pathfinder) and was designated to be flown by another crew of the 401st BG as lead ship in the mission to Schweinfurt. Pilot Sellers and his crew were to fly the plane from their base at Chelveston, across to the 401st BG at Deenethorpe during the early morning hours of the 24th. The ship would then have been flown by an experienced PFF crew on the mission to Schweinfurt. However the B17 crashed on take off near the village of Yeldon England, she was fully loaded with both fuel and bombs ready for the next days mission. 21 people perished in the incident, including the crew of 11 and 8 servicemen of the 1121 Quartermaster company barracked in the village. Two civilian children, Edwin Keith and Monica Ruth Phillips were killed in their families bungalow.

1121st Quartermaster Company,

Sargeant Nils S. Johnson
Sargeant Edward W. Dell
Corporal Sebastion J. Attilio
Corporal Robert Paul McClain
Private First Class Michael R. Arato
Private First Class Arnold N. Chipoletti
Private First Class William Loren Dickerson
Private First Class Frank J. Amato

There's a true reality there, an awareness of things as they actually happen. But the physical cosmos is so locked up it's like 18 billion years or 14 billion years old and nothing new has happened in it. So there has to be a new set of experiences. Every nano second there's a reality somewhere, the true reality, there is an infinite set of experiences which never repeat themselves. But everything in the physical cosmos repeats itself for billions and billions of years.

Do you think it's like predetermined or predestined.
The true reality is where boredom can't exist. But in the physical reality there's nothing here but boredom. Because what you look at [in] the night sky you can be excited especially if you're a scientist or a cosmologist or an astronomer. The night sky is beautiful and gives all kinds of inspiration, you can study 14 billion years of history but it's all a canned bunch of nonsense. It just happened. I think the big bang was actually an accident. Two other membranes caused the Big Bang and our visible cosmos was a result of this.

Reference web link.
Video of The Big Bang, billions of years in 6 minutes.

OK then let's go for reality. You said there's a true reality. What do you mean by this.
Well at first I'd say about the past two months my ideas have changed about this. I was thinking the physical cosmos has this true reality in it so everything in the physical reality could change because of this true reality. But now I don't I don't think this anymore. I think the physical reality is just stuck in this huge 13 billion light year egg. So I think reality is there's a nonphysical awareness we are actually experiencing but it happens so fast. An infinite set of experiences. You can't put this into a human intelligence. But it's happening. Something other than our physical cosmos exists which is what I call the Infinite Mind or the infinite universe. It's actually a concept now in cosmology. Andrei Linde the most I think well respected cosmologist today who's writing calls it the eternal universe. There's an infinite fractal set of potential big bangs and all of them have spawned in the past forever and they'll spawn in the future forever and we're stuck in this one little part of the infinite universe or what we call a universe. But the Big Bang is really just one cosmos.

So you think we're just in one little piece of it.
Well it's not even a piece, it's an infinite set of broken pieces. This is why my whole movie script is based on the idea the Big Bang was an accident. It broke the grand unity. All the scientists today are looking for this grand unified theory, they have to go back to the Big Bang because this is where I think there was some relative sense of something unified at the point of the Big Bang. But our big bang just created one small slice of reality. It is a reality but it's artificial, meaning it's our sensory perception. We can see it and touch it.

humm. Why do you say artificial ?
For example anything humans build I would call an artificial structure. Nature didn't build it but humans built it. So whatever was built out of the Big Bang was built by what I consider now to be a pure accident. Two other membranes or how many other collisions might have occurred at once [or] whether it was just one big bang. However, I now think of the entire universe as constructed by what I consider in string theory to be an infinite set of strings, the smallest concept you can imagine, much much smaller than the Planck's constant, which originally sometime in the 20th century Planck discovered a formula for the smallest quantum of energy.
CORRECTION: My statement that the smallest concept in string theory would be much smaller than Planck's Constant is a misconception on my part. The smallest string in current string theory, is the same as the Planck length.

Max Planck (1878) Photo in public domain
Reference web links.

Biocentrism is a new 'Theory of Everything' proposed by American scientist Robert Lanza. Robert Lanza biocentrism

Physics of the universe
Quote: "Cosmos" is just another word for universe, and "cosmology" is the study of the origin, evolution and fate of the universe - a bewildering variety of theories and ideas - Brahmanda (Cosmic Egg) Universe - Anaxagorian Universe - Atomist Universe Unquote and many many more :)

YouTube video Assistant Professor Chao-Lin Kuo surprises Professor Andrei Linde with evidence supporting cosmic inflation theory.

Stanford Cosmic Inflation

This site gave me the idea of a graviton ring Sukidog site.

PBS Plancks constant
By saying we would never be able to see anything smaller than Planck's, I think I was referring to something I read about the ability for example to use electrons to see anything larger than an electron, so if Planck's energy string is the smallest entity, then there would be nothing we could use to see any dimensions or entities smaller than Planck's.

Alan Watts
'No valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now.' — Alan Watts

NASA Mathematical Thinking the observer
Quote: In quantum mechanics, the observer and the system being observed became mysteriously linked Unquote

Which I think means we will never be able to look at anything with scientific instruments, or whatever physically smaller than Planck's constant. But what I'm saying is [smaller than] Planck's constant: There's an infinitesimal small item which I call the graviton ring a closed string of energy and when this closed string of energy breaks it becomes open and sticks on to something. And then time happens because there's two observers of this. There's a person who sees the object and there's the object itself. So my question right now for me in my own podcast is: Can the universe observe me? If there is an infinite mind we all share it can't belong to anyone, it can't be divided up, it's intangible. So does it observe me. And I would say yes it observes everything, everything physical.

Is this your image of a God, a guiding force.
I wouldn't call it this because there's just like a billion misconceptions of God. And this was what my my last podcast was trying to say, if there is any type of God it can only be this non-physical awareness. But it can't be individualized, there can't be an individual God, there could be the other observer, which would be this nonphysical awareness but the other observer could never own the awareness so there's no such thing as omnipotence, nothing was ever created and nothing is ever destroyed, it just changes shape. And when it changes is when time becomes a factor, whoever observes the change becomes Einstein's observer. And what I believe is the observer and the physical thing the observer is looking at. They're both the same thing, sort of like the simplest Zen Buddhist idea of Alan Watts: you are the experience and you are the experiencer. They cannot be separated. Like the yin and yang thing they they're connected.

Reference web links.

Alan Watts - You Are The Universe - YouTube video

So my last podcast I really opened my own mind to what I think about this which is there has to be two observers for anything to exist but there is an infinite set of observers. And then there is an infinite set of the observed, the observed is the physical tangible stuff just as real as as the observer. But they can't be separated.

OK. I'm trying to get my mind around it. I have not got this yet. I'm trying to picture how you view the universe.
The infinite mind cannot observe itself because it's an observer. It's not the observed.

What is the infinite mind.
It's how we are aware how we are aware right now of anything we are this infinite mind this is the awareness we all share but it doesn't have an existence so to speak it's not tangible. It's a how and not a who, our physical presence is a who but there is no who in awareness. It's just how, how we are aware of who we are.

So what you picture outside of the physical universe then is awareness.
Well the awareness itself it doesn't have a physical location or anything it is everywhere and it is everything but our physical cosmos, to me, is like the tiniest electron compared to the [infinite universe] itself. So our cosmos is the tiniest thing in the [infinite] universe. There's a literal physical tangible universe outside of our cosmos which may not have anything similar to our cosmos. It may have completely different laws of physics, it may have no laws of physics but it has some physical tangibility which makes it an observed event or what's called now information. The current scientists don't say there's anything other than information in the physical reality, we're observing the information in the first place. And when this information becomes something solid or tangible it just carries its information in this form. The way I use an example is there is an infinite set of continuums, you can define yourself as a total free thinker you can define yourself on any continuum, you can define yourself as an infinite mind with absolute intangibility, or you can go along this whole continuum down to your physical body with no intangible stuff and at this end there's usually atheists at this end [who] say there's nothing intangible. My physical body when I die I die and this's the end of it. And the other end is where the infinite mind and everything is intangible you might be Hindu or a Buddhist or some eastern religion or even some contemplative Catholics would say the Holy Spirit or whatever their concept is doesn't come into reality only something a messiah like Christ would come into reality into physical reality. But the Holy Spirit can never be made out of a physical thing. So there's always this continuum but this's not the only continuum. There's a billion other ways to think of yourself as something, star stuff as Carl Sagan used to say we are made out of star stuff.

Quote: the Holy Spirit is a person Unquote

Quote: the holy spirit is not a person Unquote

Quote: Spirit is pneuma, indicating .. it would be like a breath, like a wind Unquote

Quote: the Spirit as a "Counselor" who will guide us in our everyday lives Unquote

Quote: Holy Spirit is the nature, power and essence of God Unquote

What is a Freethinker? - Freedom From Religion Foundation: Quote: The mission of the Center for Inquiry is to foster a secular society based on reason, science, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values Unquote

But these are choices we make, it's just a million ways to view ourselves. A million views we give ourselves.
It's only how you see yourself, the continuums are only how to observe yourself, how you choose to observe yourself changes everything. I'm not an atheist I'm not a theist I'm not an agnostic. I consider myself an absolute free thinker. There is nothing I cannot observe and there is nothing I cannot conceive of myself as being in the observed. So I could be anything, I could be a particle with no mass. I believe Alan Watts had at least one thing right which was we are the whole universe. You can't separate yourself from any part of the physical cosmos or anything else beyond this. Where else would you go.

So do you think what we experience is a continuum. You talked about all the infinite possibilities and this universe is just this tiny little speck. And is this kind of a continuum or are we still having multiple parallel universes all at the same time and we may be jumping between them or something like this.
Oh this's an interesting question Yeah I think what happens is in this inflationary cosmology is any of the big bangs we'll just continue to expand. So they all expand into infinity an infinite number have already expanded into infinity and our physical cosmos will also expand into infinity. But they don't necessarily collide with each other. And I would say from our evidence they don't collide with each other for billions of years. There's not been a collision we know of in our physical cosmos [with another cosmos] for 13 billion years so the chances are the other infinite set of physical [cosmic] membranes can coincide with each other because their physics are very different. So we're already there. We already have the infinite set of expanded big bangs or however they say you know the physical sets of membranes expand or conceive of themselves. They've already expanded so we're already present in this infinity.

But you can't be contained to this one.
No. Like I said I think ours is just it's been talking to itself for 13 billion years and it's time we matured out of this concept and realize there is an infinite set of other physical membranes and there's probably a lot of other extraterrestrials with sentience other than ourselves just in our own physical cosmos. Any of those physical cosmoses would all have the same basic observer which is a how and not a who. We are all aware of the physical set.

But you think we can cross between them could we experience another universe.
That's what I'm saying we already do.

We really do we just don't know.
Well no, you can't translate it because how would you put it into a human form or into human intelligence? There is an infinite set already existing and they're infinitely changing, every [time] smaller than a nanosecond, there is an infinite set of infinite stuff happening all the time. It's impossible as a human to ever put a single word or picture on any of this.
Well then what is human.
I would say it's an observed portion of our physical cosmos but this's why I mentioned Alan Watts because his whole idea was very simple. We are the entire set of everything. We cannot separate ourselves from it. Even if you just consider it as the physical cosmos which 13 billion light years across or whatever it is you still can't separate yourself from this physical cosmos. So either you are the whole thing or you don't exist.

Right. But you can't experience the whole cosmos can you.
I would say yes you can. You can experience it as an awareness but you can't translate it into human intelligence.

Why do you think we are just a little limited piece and we can only carve out so little.
Oh as a physical aspect because this is what I just came across in my last podcast. The tiniest aspect of both the physical cosmos and the intangible universe. Every single aspect of it is an observer and observed it's all integrated. It's not like I am a single human observing a 13 billion light year cosmos. It's more like I'm an infinite mind observing every single piece of the whole infinity.

Most humans can only tap into such a tiny portion of this. Why do you think this is?
Yeah this's why I mentioned the continuum. If you think of yourself as only this physical human body you can't shut off your infinite awareness. The people who do this, say I'm only a physical body and when I die I die. They just love Carl Sagan or you know somebody who shows them this infinite set. Well how do you separate yourself from this infinite set.

But it seems to me at least from our personal awareness we don't expand well. You know we can only expand so far and then it's like, I have to go eat, you know. So there does seem to be some limits whether they're self-imposed or not. And I'm kind of curious why do you think this is.
Oh, well, it is because it is, you know this's one of the continuums one of the points in the continuum is you can sort of like drop out. You can have your privacy. You can hide somewhere but it's only one set of one part of one continuum.

And you think this's a good thing we can you know drop out.
Yeah. One of my concepts is in the infinite set of observers and observed there is no such thing as polarity. In the physical reality there's polarity because things can get destroyed physically but in an intangible awareness nothing is created and nothing is destroyed as this observer. So there's no polarity in the observer except you can't separate the observer from the observed. So you still have to respect the observed. In other words you have to keep order and morality in your physical life even though it's not separate from the rest of the infinity. It's still the only thing we have as humans. So it's extremely important Oh shoot I forgot what the question was.

I think we're so far from the question let's just keep going.
I guess I'm still trying to understand why being human is in this.
Being human is a result of the big bang everything we know physically including our humanity is a result of the Big Bang. But it's one physical aspect a tiny physical speck in the entire infinite set of things.

Right. But this awareness in this human body. Well how do you view this.
Well it's not in the human body. this's what the human body is: the observed portion of the thing.

And there's a consciousness attached to it?
Everyone who says this they are only a human body. How do they know this? They have to have a point of view which observes this human body which is a thought experiment which one doesn't need to prove or disprove it can't have a proof or disproof. How are you aware you have a human body, if your human body was all by itself somewhere it wouldn't be aware of itself. So there is an awareness of being human. It's just for some reason we're stuck and thinking this is the only aspect of ourselves.

And do you think we have individual consciousnesses. I think I am me, but is this true. Am I separate, is my consciousness separate.
Everyone is an observed aspect of reality and everyone is an observing aspect of reality. So we observe ourselves and we observe everything else. What I'm saying though is the individuation of a human or however you perceive yourself as being as a separate entity this's a part of the observed or the physical or tangible set. But they can't be separated from the awareness because if you didn't have the intangible awareness of yourself as being tangible you wouldn't even know you exist.

Hmm I guess I'm now trying to go after the awareness part in me. It's like what is this awareness. Are there and all kinds of individual consciousnesses running around or are they all part of one super mind or?
No I would say it's only a how, it's not an object. If it were an object it could be observed. So the observer or the awareness or any type of sentience it has no physical aspect to itself except in the sense of being observed. It can't separate itself from the observation. So to try to pinpoint it to make a place or a person or a thing out of the awareness is impossible.

Ok I could take this so many ways. I am trying to decide if I should go back to the questions or pursue this some more. Ha ha. Going back to the questions some more. Well let's go back to those a little bit just to get a little sense of you what makes you the saddest about life.
I think seeing other people destroy themselves in some way, a lot of the people I interviewed for drug abuse treatment are coming through in my interviewing in my nuclear family for example my sister had a child with leukodystrophy who died at the age of three and she just went into the whole drug abuse thing and was basically trying to kill herself because she couldn't live with this idea. And I met a lot of people in the drug abuse community who had this same kind of exact same scenario. They had a child with Down's syndrome or they had their own profound neurological damage.

So a person destroying themselves makes you sad.
Well trying to destroy themselves, I don't think it's possible to be destroyed because we are the awareness essentially we are the observer.

So you think it is just the suffering or they don't realize there is more.
I'm not sure I think it's because they're focusing only on the physical aspect of life. And this's why I said what I think evil might be is trying to perfect the physical in any way. It doesn't matter if it's Hitler or who it is. If you focus only on perfecting the physical which has to be perfected you have to address it. You have to make it the best it can be. But if you see this as the only thing which exists is the physical then eventually you end up into some kind of end time philosophy you know the world is going to end because you can't isolate this physical aspect of yourself and say this's all there is.

What do you think it takes to step outside of the physical.
It's impossible [to step outside of the physical.]

But it's hard to see outside of the physical, you know I think people do get trapped in this. But I think it's insanely hard to see beyond, we're so into the physical life.
Yeah I don't think you can separate yourself from the physical life. And this's why I've donated my whole body to at least two or three different organizations because you know I see my physicality as something which is part of the whole. It doesn't really belong to me it doesn't belong in some casket or something crazy somewhere it needs to be in a test tube or in a medical school cadaver or on the plastination exhibits so people can see what reality what human reality is actually like.

Reference web links.

Von Hagens Plastination
Quote: Von Hagens Plastination offers one-of-a-kind, real human specimens, preserved through Plastination Unquote

Anatomy Gifts
Quote: Anatomy Gifts Registry - scientific research and medical education. By choosing the option of body donation, you’ll leave a lasting impression on mankind Unquote

OK so then what makes you happiest about life.
Kind of the same the idea, if a person thinks of themselves as being able to exist as any part of any continuum they have some freedom of thought because what I see I only go out in the community when I shop or visit my family. But every single time I go out there's an obsessed person there. You know I'm like a magnet for these people. It's been happening my whole life and I'm sure everybody has the same experience. You go out there and there's somebody there says oh the world is going and the world is going to end and Jesus is coming back. And you know if you lived in some place in the Middle East or Far East they would say the same thing the Mahdi you know the Mahdi is coming back and Islam to kill all the unbelievers and all this blabbing about the end times.

I'm still going to keep asking this because I'm still curious here.
How do you think you can step out of this. How do you step out of this physicality only.
I think it's just realizing there are continuums, the person who really put all the terminology on this for me about a little over 10 years ago. I met Phyllis Atwater who's a near-death researcher. And she said near-death experiences are not necessary to change all of the things which happen in the most profound near-death experience can happen in everyday life. All you have to do is realize you have this set of continuance you can change anything you want in those continuums as the observer but trying to change it as the physical observed part of it. It has to be done. But like you say it's so slow slow so tedious to do it from the physical point of view. If you have the idea you can change something about your lives profoundly change what you believe or what you think or how you see other people then you already have an infinite set of choices. You have a literal free thought.

I guess the thing I keep wrestling with though is the how. Because it just seems so hard. Unless you directly experience something like a near-death experience or something which can free you from the physical and it's really hard to believe.
Yeah this's my point though there's nothing to believe in. You already have it. Now this's I think another definition of evil I might add would be the person who wants to put all kinds of crappy nonsense, religious bull shit and stuff, on the physical or nonphysical reality, it is what it is. It doesn't change you don't have to die or go to heaven or believe in Christ or believe in anything except pay attention, pay attention to your awareness of everything and pay attention to yourself as an individual.

So what do you think happens after your physical body dies. What do you think happens to your awareness.
Absolutely nothing. It's exactly the same as it always was and always will be. Right now, this's my point and I'm not saying any kind of ritual or any kind of religion is bad just the opposite. I think most people couldn't survive without some dogmatic beliefs. They can't do what I do as a hobby or as almost as a non thought I can conceive of myself as absolutely free. Some people can't. I can't even imagine what would make people do this but say they're in a culture where if they drop out and say they don't believe in Catholicism if they're in a literal community like a monk [living in a monastery] or a [nun in a] Catholic convent or something and they say they don't believe they may get thrown out. And there's I think a parallel in [secular] reality too because there are many [closed] communities and all these ethnic enclaves where if you deny whatever this ethnic enclave supports you may be out.

Why do you think people put those limitations on. There are all these religious dogmas and belief structures.
Yeah I would say it's because the simple mistake is so easy to make you know, there is nothing except the physical and you are nothing except yourself as an individual. And once you do this then you have an infinite set of mistakes available to you and everything you can believe or conceive of it from this point on is going to be an illusion.

So does anything scare you.
I don't think so.
No? No because I've seen everything happen to everyone everything which could happen. I've seen it happen.

The wisdom of age.
Well the first seven years of my life was World War 2 and they didn't censor anything, there was no censorship possible because there was no TV, there was basically no movie houses which owned everything, like owned all the information. There was no information news giant like Rupert Murdoch or Ted Turner to manage the news. You just went to some church or some local group who had the movies and you saw literally right in front of you the 50 million people being murdered by Hitler by whoever. So I've seen everything. Maybe this's [the reason] for some of my silly ideas too. But I think also I'm probably correct in saying we are an intangible observer of all of this.

humm. Do you think your life has a meaning or purpose, your personal life?
In a sense. Yeah I think there is an aspect of life I call absolute goodness and this's probably the purpose of life. But how to achieve this. I think if you try to achieve it directly you sort of get into all this egotism like just being a U.S. Congressman or one of these Christian evangelists on TV or something. You just know they're going to go down the tubes one of these times because they base it on their ego rather than common awareness.

So what do you think absolute goodness is.
Well I would say it's the absence of the polarity in the observer. The observer doesn't become the observed ever. If you become the observed I think this's where you lose your capacity as being intangible and being a how. And you start being something which tampers with other people. this's where I think problems start this way.

But goodness is what the freedom to be what?
In fact I've never thought of this actually. But I would say from the point of view we're talking right at this moment the only aspect of goodness which could possibly exist in my little concept here is for me to show other people how they're able to be free in their thoughts or free as an observer.

And then there isn't anything which goes wrong in this sense because it's intangible. It's awareness. It isn't something which has an aspect of polarity. this doesn't mean-- you cannot abandon the physical in this scenario or else you end up like Timothy Leary and all those idiots in the 1960s who basically killed themselves on drugs. You know just went about saying well the physical doesn't matter. I don't have to do anything. I can drop out like Timothy. And I love Timothy Leary and the people who love him and I think he could have been and was in part a great scientist but he lost it because of trying to abandon the physical,to abandon your physical reality is a great mistake.

It's essentially the other part of who you are. We are the observer and we are the observed. We are the experiencer and we are the experience, they can't be separated.

I'm looking through my questions going what makes sense here anymore. We've gone into another universe.

Do you think love exists in this scenario.
Oh absolutely.

And what would this be.
Well I think it's just the bond you have with identifying with everyone who's in the observer. It's sharing of every observation you can make and it translates into the physical everything does. There is a tangible set of love but it's like you're saying it's so hard for humans to achieve this love [because of the] ego, the need, the physical deprivation, the whole huge set of human population. It makes it too difficult to do it from a physical point of view. There's nothing really to share as a physical entity or any physical aspect. You're [also] the observer rather than [only] the observed. If you lose your position as an observer then you've already lost everything you have.

I'm trying to think of it then what do we have to do is the observer.
There isn't anything else to do except to you know be aware to observe and you can't abandon anything you're able to do to do something to help other people or help yourself be healthy or whatever. All those things have to be done because they're an equal part of how and who we are.

I'm still curious as to why why all this, why the human, why the physical. You know when you talk about this universe and the membranes, what's a membrane.
It's just an aspect of the physical. It can be anything in our cosmos it's a very specific thing the laws of physics, every little puny little thing all the way down to a quark. But a quark to me is a huge thing. It's not even real in the laws of physics but it's still the hugest thing to me. A quark is not tiny at all. There's still an infinite set of dimensions all the way up to the quark from say the tiniest energy string or whatever is the tiniest pixel in the whole cosmos. It's not the quark for sure.

Reference web links.

Membrane theory or brane cosmology
Membrane theory

YouTube video Robert Lanza discusses his biocentric view of the universe.

Planck's constant may be a hundred million times smaller than a quark, although no one really understands what smaller in size would mean at this point :) perhaps having a smaller amount of energy than a quark ??
Wired dot com Planck length


Do you ever contemplate the why. Why all of this and when and what's outside of it.
There can't be a why because unless you say it didn't exist forever then you have to add whys, why does it exist.

You say but it simply is.
Yeah. this is what it is. It's always existed. It is the reason for everything doesn't end. It is everything possible and everything actual And also everything impossible and everything and not actual. So there isn't any why. Because there is no beginning and there's no ending. There's not even a dimension you can put on the infinite mind.

So why do you think we ask why all the time as humans we are whys, you know, we always ask why why why.
Oh yeah if you have anything to do with a young child you know there is a why. There's a whole year of whys.

There's this curiosity. So why do you think this is.
It's just a learning set of the physical reality I guess.

OK. So if you could change anything about humanity would you change anything.
Of course you know you would have to want to change all of the problems especially right now. And the fact I would say for at least 20 years more than 20 years say sometime in the late 60s and late 70s I was studying at the University of Pittsburgh and realized there is a statistical reality which I consider now to be genetic, there's a hundred million criminally insane men in the world and maybe 1 million of them are being treated well in American prisons and jails. And you know halfway houses or whatever being treated medically they receive everything they need to keep themselves away from their criminal insanity but there's 99 million others who are Saddam Hussein and Uday Hussein, you know, they're in office they're in power they're all over the world and there's a violent crime every 12 seconds or something and these 99 percent of the people do zero percent of the crime and 1 percent of the people do 100 percent of the crime.

Why are they so many criminally insane men then?
I think there is an infinite set of reasons but the main reason is forty thousand years of alcohol abuse and an infinite set of other forms of substance abuse. Every culture has a profoundly stupid Substance Abuse at least one substance which totally destroys their mental and physical health.

So we're not taking care of this physical very well are we.
And I'm not sure what the answer to this is I'm sure it's good medical science in our cosmos but we're just like I said one tiny little cosmos one tiny little earth this one tiny little portion of 13 billion light year thing. So this's why I say it's extremely important to pay attention to every tiny little physical thing every piece of chemistry which goes into your body and every other aspect of the physical is extremely important.


I can see your background in substance abuse would give you a view where you've seen the real bad side of things.
Yeah. And I would say it was demonized beyond the need to demonize it. You know these people and even the prisoners who were in prison for life who I interviewed they're the most gentle beautiful loving people you could ever imagine. They just know themselves. The two prisoners in for life who I interviewed they both said the same thing at different times. I don't think they knew each other at all. If they let me out of this prison in less than 24 hours I'll be back doing all the same things which got me here. So to me they're the most enlightened people on Earth.


So if you can change anything about yourself would you change anything.
I'd definitely be rich with money. I mean I'm rich in every other way except money.

Reference web links.
Gratitude journals may change our brains

The Psychology of Inequality
Researchers find that much of the damage done by being poor comes from feeling poor.

I'm not sure I would really want this because I lived in Palm Beach Florida for in 1984 for about a year and I worked for a millionaire who sold insurance to billionaires. I was in the homes of billionaires all the time. I am a billionaire. I'm on welfare food stamps but I am a billionaire. I have the privacy. I have the mental peace of mind billionaires don't have.

But a little money may be nice.
Oh yeah. If my movie script [is sold] I'll definitely do something with my money. I would pay other people's bills, my daughter and my sister.

So overall are you happy with your life and what you've done?
In a certain sense. Yeah. Physically I could have done a billion things differently. And then I would have a billion different regrets. So I kind of agree you can't regret anything because first of all you can't go back in time to do it any other way. And if you didn't do it the way you did you wouldn't have learned the lesson.

Is there somewhere you want to go from here though with the rest of your life.
I literally could live another 40 years. So physically I would want to stay healthy for those 40 years and try to you know like I said get some of the cash I never had really much of during my lifetime.

Do you have any final thoughts and advice you'd like to share with others.
Wow. Just keep the focus on how you are. We always say how you are. You never walk up to someone on the street and say Who are you. You know they'll feel threatened but if you go up and say How are you. Everybody says Fine how are you.

And is this good, are they fine?
I think so but you know this's essentially I think a better definition of how we exist is how we are.

You are most engaging. Thank you.Thank you.
I hope to get you another show in about three weeks. See you then. Bye.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Blog and audio podcast feeds, journal link and science fiction story, Android, Age One.

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Go here to see my journal from about 1990 up to the time when I wrote Android, Age One, about 1993.

Android, Age One, a science fiction story

Android, Age One is a science fiction adventure based on a real event.

The author created the character, Android, from a child born with a
genetic anomaly called leukodystrophy. The trait occurs in the nuclear
family of the writer.

The fictional setting for the story reflects recent studies tracing
human female mitochondrial cell structures. The studies indicated
all humans living now are descended from as few as two females who
lived on earth more than 200,000 years ago.

Author: Anthony Chipoletti

The Story:

Android is a child born to Onion Deergada and Noore Giandade.

There is a hidden anagram message. See panel below Chapter 7.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Onion's Run 200,075 years ago

Chapter 2 The Tremors and the Trek 200,085 years ago

Chapter 3 Onion's Motherhood 200,075 years ago

Chapter 4 Onion's New Husband 200,060 years ago

Chapter 5 Onion's Father as a Young Man 201,015 years ago

Chapter 6 Onion's Childhood 201,005 years ago

Chapter 7 Onion's Pregnancies 200,083 years ago

Chapter 8 Onion's Brother 200,082 years ago

Chapter 9 The Race 200,081 years ago

Chapter 10 The Funeral and Marriage 200,080 years ago

Chapter 11 The Reunion and Remarriage

Chapter One - Onion's Run - 200,075 years ago

Onion Deergada jogged gently along a quiet path in the pine
forest. Cool air floated blousily past her trim figure. Her
thoughts refreshed themselves. Android died five years ago,
at the age of three, however the memory of his sleeping body
pressed upon her shoulder even now.

A more recent memory flashed into the peaceful path. Irene
and Dare, Onion knew her speed would never match Irene's.
Still, the thought of having Dare to herself was compelling.
Her marriage to Noore failed since Android's death. She and
Noore were unable to conceive a divorce.

"Mom!" Nira called.

"What are you doing here?" Onion resisted the intrusion.

"We're going swimming. Do you want to go with us?"

"Gram is bringing Rode home soon. I'll have to watch him."

Onion felt a chill. She knew Rand would be home alone too.

Chapter Two - The Tremors and the Trek - 200,085 years ago

Daily, for almost six months, strong tremors shook the earth.
Large calderas were erupting thousands of miles west of Onion's
village. The high winds carried the dust eastward.

Unable to control his direction, Noore Giandade sailed far to
the east of his home. His small craft was at sea when the first
wave of tremors started. Powerful currents from the west forced
Noore's path for hundreds of miles. He landed at Negro Coast.

"Hello, friend," Onion's voice greeted Noore.

"I have caught some fish to be cooked," Noore responded.

"You are welcome here," Onion encouraged.

After Noore arrived, the community realized the extent of the
damage caused by the earthquakes. They gathered in the village
circle and made plans to relocate.

They travelled by land to the east for several weeks. When they
settled along the Great Rift Valley, Onion knew she would
have a home here for many years. Large herds of deer and buffalo
trended by. Many fish wended the cool streams. The villagers had
appointed Onion's father, Radoni, to provide them with food. He
was an excellent hunter and fisherman.

In addition to Noore, four extended families survived. Onion and
Irene were the only unmarried females of child-bearing age. When
the community settled, Irene chose to marry Don, whom she had
known since childhood. Onion was growing closer to Noore.

Radoni spoke gently to his daughter. He told her he and her
mother were growing old. They could not provide for her needs in
the future. Onion smiled to herself. How comforting Radoni
believed in her future. Her mother added they would help to
take care of the children.

Onion laughed. "How do you know I want to have children?"

"You love children," her mother encouraged Onion's good humor.

Chapter Three - Onion's Motherhood - 200,075 years ago

Nira and Rode gratified Onion's mothering needs. Well, Rode did.
Nira's fierce sense of competition made Onion wonder about their
relationship. Nira's challenges aroused discomfort in everyone
except Radoni. He encouraged her to play games and to fish with
him. Nira beamed at her success in playing games. She inherited
Noore's muscular body and strong jaw.

Nira's brother, Rode, had been found during a hunting expedition
by Noore and Radoni. His mother died soon after giving birth to
Rode during a lonely journey from the north. Onion and Noore had
recently lost Android to a fatal blood disorder and they adopted
Rode without hesitation. Rode, a fair-haired child, grew strong
and tan in the now sunny skies.

Irene's sons, Dane and Erik, were excellent companions for Rode.
Except for Nira's challenges, everyone treated Rode with gentle
encouragement. Rode admired Radoni and spent many hours learning
to hunt and fish. Irene and Don agreed to allow their sons to go
with Rode and Radoni on the expeditions. They had also agreed to
end their marriage after Irene and Dare made their relationship
known. Onion's anguish at her secret affair with Rand caused her
to envy Irene even more.

Onion's family and friends were celebrating Nira's 9th birthday.
Rand and his wife and children, Radoni, Gram, Noore, Irene, with
her two sons, and Onion's elder brother attended.

"I'm scared." Onion whispered to her brother, Anden.

"You're scared," Anden said loudly, "how do you think I feel?"

Onion realized the consequences of her decision to tell Anden
about her affair with Rand.

Chapter Four - Onion's New Husband - 200,060 years ago

Gentle rain cooled the mid-summer air. Onion and Jay had been
married for less than year. Onion knew her third marriage
would be a joyful one. Jay was so different from Noore and Gene.
Jay was undefeatable. His spirit was lightly humorous and he
held the same deep respect for God Onion held. In addition,
Jay and Radoni held each other in sincere respect. Jay was not
as wealthy as Noore and not as poor as Gene. Jay was generous
with his time. He devoted himself to Onion and the children.

At the same time, Jay was able to discipline the children and
provide a brave example to them. He was fearless and had been
injured many times while protecting the children during their
expeditions. He defended Onion during Nira's emotional bouts,
without attacking Nira.

Nira's son, Danny, was four years old. Nira was still a child
in many ways. Her self-indulgence grew more resistant as Noore
and Onion attempted to enforce their stoic rules on her. Rode
was far more supple in his emotional response to Onion. He did,
however, have a strong temper. Radoni's gentleness prevailed,
and Rode took the example to heart. In contrast, Nira persisted
in her challenges to Onion's patience. Nira chose to live with
Ned, an outcast from his own family. They kept a small puppy
and kitten for Danny to play with when he visited them.

Danny, like Rode, attached himself to Radoni. Danny chose to
live with Gram and Anden. Radoni continued hunting and fishing
at age 81! Rode spent much of his time with his intended spouse,
Niger, a lovely girl. Rode and Niger were bold explorers and
spent many hours searching the forest for hidden treasures.

Anden, in his mid-fifties, spent much of his time with Danny.
Danny was a delightful child, harmlessly mischievous, and
willing to include others in the possession of even his most
treasured toys.

"You can have it," were some of Danny's earliest words.

Offering anyone his well-worn toys, Danny always drew a smile
on even the most somber of faces.

Danny's father had been killed while hunting, long before Danny
was born. Rather than mourn his loss, Danny had a keen sense of
humor. He called Jay "daddy" and the father of his young friend,
Reed, "my dad." Reed's mother, born during the tremors, gave
birth to a daughter, near the time of Danny's fourth birthday.
Reed, having lost his only-child status, came to play with Danny
more often. Jay's children, Mary, age six, and Jay, ten, were
constant companions. Behaviors imitated by the younger children
were not always those desired by the adults.

Chapter Five - Onion's Father as a Young Man - 201,015 years ago

Radoni was 24 years old. His five brothers and four sisters held
a party with many friends and family members. Radoni, the eldest
child, had worked ten long years to feed and clothe his family.
Their father had been injured then, and Radoni willingly became
the provider.

Radoni's brother, Neld, stood up.

"I wish to honor my brother, Radoni, for taking care of us."

"Alright, alright," Radoni blushed, "let us eat now."

Tribes across the Central Divide were rumored to be in battle.
Radoni's brothers talked of nothing else. They gathered every
day in the village circle to plan a journey to the north. Many
of the young men wanted to go in order to detect whether any fighting
might spread to the south.

Carrying their weapons and loading the carts and pack animals,
the men prepared for the dangerous trek. The women gathered and
wept for their loss. Memories of past battles and so many lives
shattered by war haunted the elders.

Again, Neld spoke for the group.

"I would like to express my gratitude to all who are with us."

Radoni, recently married, stayed in order to provide the people
with food and supplies. Radoni's son, Anden, was born within a
year of the departure.

A few weeks after the young men departed, travelers from the
north confirmed the rumors of a battle hundreds of miles north
of the village. Many tribes sought new territories and revenge
for conflicts long past. The expanse of the Central Divide and
the rich northern resources made a southern attack unlikely.

The conflict ended after several months of destruction. Many
young men did not return to the village. Those who did return
spoke of the bravery of their slain comrades. The villagers
were thankful the battle had not spread south.

Onion was born near the time the survivors returned. Some
men had severe injuries and the villagers made shelters to care
for the wounded. The small community expanded as new members,
displaced by the war, came to reside in the south. Warm climate
and open lands made the south attractive. Some of the men who
returned were accompanied by wives they had met in the north.

The conflict killed two of Radoni's brothers. Two surviving
brother's married, one to a woman from the north, and one to a
young woman from a nearby village. The youngest brother had
stayed in the village and now requested Radoni's permission to
travel far to the south.

A celebration was planned and gifts were prepared for the trip
of Radoni's brother. He was expected to remain in the south and
to marry a young woman whom he had met during her visit to the

Chapter Six - Onion's Childhood - 201,005 years ago

Radoni's prestige grew as he continued to provide the community
with needed goods and services. Many of the young adults spoke
publicly about Radoni contributing to their families during
their growing years. Onion and Anden admired their father.

Onion's birth name was Marinde. At age 7 she had a disorder in
her body's ability to process food. Her shape grew from
a slim child to a bulbous onion. She never lost her good
humor and continued to call herself Onion. The disorder had
disappeared by Onion's tenth birthday. She spent more time with
Radoni and with other children. Radoni led the children in their
games and on expeditions.

Onion learned to run long distances and to exercise for strength
by watching Anden and the other children. Radoni organized teams
and encouraged both boys and girls to play. Children from nearby
villages joined the games. Radoni watched carefully to see
the rules were kept and the children did not get injured.

Anden, however, was injured many times during contact games with
the older boys. At age 13 a front tooth was knocked out, and a
few years later his nose was broken.

The northern territorial wars gave the survivors an incentive to
train the younger men as warriors. When Anden became an adult,
he was assigned to an outpost northwest of the village. Anden's
intelligence and physical fitness brought him many rewards as a
warrior in spite of his small stature. After several months of
training, Anden returned to the village and resided with Radoni.

Chapter Seven - Onion's Pregnancies - 200,083 years ago

The wars had also spawned the health care shelters, and a body
of knowledge about general treatment of illnesses. After his
military service, Anden worked and studied at the shelters.

In the aftermath of the tremors and in the richness of the Rift
Valley, the small community prospered. Onion and Noore married
and were soon preparing for the birth of their first child. The
child was a healthy girl. Onion called her Nira which was the
name of Noore's mother.

Two years after Nira's birth, Onion was pregnant with Android.

"You must eat properly," Gram advised Onion.

Since her childhood illness, Onion had managed to stay slim and
physically fit. Gram had gained much extra weight when she was
pregnant with Onion. Gram was worried Onion would not eat
well in order to prevent this. Onion, however, continued in good
health throughout her second pregnancy.

When Android was born, Noore named him Andoni after Radoni's
father. Within six months of his birth, Andoni became severely
stricken with convulsions. Treatment for the disorder could not
cure Andoni, however his convulsions were prevented by a strong
sedative. He remained in a comatose state until his death at age
three. Onion nicknamed him Android, meaning "mechanical doll,"
since he made no movements at all while sedated.

Anden continued to work at the health shelters. He discovered by
speaking with Gram other children in her ancestry had died
in early childhood. Noore recalled such disorders from the oral
histories of his homeland.

About the time of Android's first birthday, Onion experienced
severe depressions. She spoke to her brother about wanting to
end her life. Anden had learned about treatments of the combat
survivors for such symptoms. He arranged for Onion to be given
one of these medications at the shelter.

Onion resumed her distance running, and soon reported to Anden
she would not require further treatment. However, she did
not disclose Irene and Dare were supplying her with other
substances which they had purchased during visits in the south.

Effects from the substances and the burden of Android's disorder
pressed upon Onion's emotional needs. Her marriage to Noore had
been troubled by her depression and by Noore's inability to see
Onion's dependence.

By the time of Android's second birthday, Onion accepted help in
the daily burden of caring for him. Gram and Radoni brought the
child to live with them. Radoni's aged and disabled father also
lived with Radoni.


The path to the anagram which inspired me started several years
ago. I was reading the book Whole-Brain Thinking by Jacquelyn
Wonder and Priscilla Donovan. In the chapter called Suspenders,
a panel refers to subliminal phrases which helped people to do
well at dieting, trying to quit smoking and calming thoughts.
The phrases most helpful were "Mommy and I are one" and "Daddy
and I are one."

I chose the phrase "God and I are one." Several years after I
read the book, I found a computer program which took phrases
and printed all the anagrams of the phrase. "Android, Age One"
and the names Onion Deergada and Noore Giandade are anagrams of
"God and I are one."

Chapter Eight - Onion's Brother - 200,082 years ago

Onion's brother, Anden, travelled to many nearby communities to
work and learn at their shelters. He discovered many women
who had survived the conflicts now worked as physicians. One of
these women, Jessica Lex, had collected a team of workers. She
offered Anden a place to work in her shelter. Dr. Lex authored
many references about blood disorders and kept a library filled
with medical information. Anden spent all of his time working or

Dr. Lex's daughter returned from a work-study session at a large
city in the north.

"This is Jaysee," Dr. Lex said.

"Good to see you," Anden replied. Jaysee was very attractive!

Dr. Lex had been wounded many times during the conflicts. She
rescued many people and treated their wounds, often ignoring her
own. Like many of the survivors, she was thin and tough. Jaysee
inherited Dr. Lex's toughness, however she chose to study music.

At their first meeting, Jaysee had not even spoken to Anden! She
nodded briefly and left the shelter to rest from her journey. At
the next encounter, she apologized.

"My mother says you spend all of your time working."

Anden could not speak for a few moments, surprised and pleased
to hear Jaysee's voice.

"I -um, I do a lot of reading and running. Do you like to jog?"

Jaysee and Anden agreed to meet at a competitive run a few days

Chapter Nine - The Race - 200,081 years ago

Onion joined Anden and Jaysee at the bottom of a steep grassy
slope. Many other runners waited for the competition to start.
All of them were men!

"Are you sure women are included in this?" Onion asked Anden.

"Anyone who wants to run can, however " Anden looked around.

"Women are going to run this race!" A thin tough male spoke.

"We're just beginners," Anden apologized, "we'll run behind the
other runners so we will not interfere with the competition."

The race began. About fifty men spurted up the hill. Anden,
Onion and Jaysee jogged comfortably in their path. At the top,
all of the other runners were far ahead. A clump of trees just
beyond the top of the slope introduced the real challenge of the
race. A steeper slope appeared to go up to the clouds!

"I can't even see the other runners," Onion despaired.

"We told them we would run last." Anden doubted.

Jaysee encouraged them.

"I have travelled hundreds of miles, this is just a few more."

Onion laughed. Anden warned Onion and Jaysee to drop out of the
race if they were too exhausted. Jaysee laughed.

"We will carry you home, Anden," Jaysee promised.

Onion ran gently for about eight miles.

"I am quitting." Onion stopped and sat on the cool damp grass.

"We'll see you at the finish line," Anden called.

At eighteen miles, Anden began to limp.

"I can't run," he stated without emotion, "I have blisters."

Jaysee stopped. Anden did not want to delay her.

"No, you can finish the race! Go ahead. I'll be fine."

All the other runners passed by after the midpoint turn of the
race. After walking a few miles back down the hill, Anden found
Onion still sitting in the grass.

"You have rested enough," Anden tried to be humorous.

Onion refused to get up. Anden pulled her arm and she stood,
then sat down again.

"Come on! Jaysee is waiting for us at the finish line."

Onion reluctantly reached her hand to the ground. As she lifted
herself, her finger struck a sharp rock.

"Aaauuch!," Onion screamed, "I think my finger is broken!"

"You will heal," Anden retorted, pulling Onion up.

Chapter Ten - The Funeral and Marriage - 200,080 years ago

One week before Android's third birthday, his breathing became
difficult. He had developed a lung infection and was not able to
resist it. Early in the morning, before daybreak, he died. Onion
refused to come to Radoni's home to see Android's body.

"I want to remember him alive," she pleaded.

Radoni prepared a funeral ceremony early the next day. Onion
and Noore attended. Nira stayed with Anden at Radoni's home.

"All gone, Android," Nira observed.

Anden wept.

After the burial, Jaysee wanted Anden to walk with her to the
village circle to buy a gift for Onion. They stopped at a small
cove near a stream. Jaysee had brought a blanket. They sat on a
soft grassy plain hidden from the path to the village. Jaysee
put her hand on Anden's arm. Quietly, they kissed. Comforting
each other's grief, they made love and held each other weeping.
They woke hours later and walked to the marketplace.

"Here is a lovely coat," Jaysee wrapped herself in the garment.

"It's really nice. Onion will love it," Anden agreed.

When they returned, Gram was curious.

"Where have you two been all this time? We were worried!"

"We're fine," Anden assured, "we bought a fine coat for Onion."

"The coat must have cost you a lot," Gram said, offering money.

"Don't be silly," Anden resolved, "Jaysee and I are both working
and we want to do something for Onion ourselves."

"Well, if you need money later, I'll help you," Gram promised.

The promise of marriage between Jaysee and Anden was expected by
everyone. Hundreds of people were invited, including Radoni's
brother in the south.

Radoni's brother and his wife brought their child, who was ill.
Only a few months old, she had difficulty with meals. Jaysee's
father, also a physician, offered to help.

Jaysee's father examined the child and found the tube from
her throat to her stomach was not formed properly. He performed
an operation to strengthen the tube and the child grew healthy.

Chapter Eleven - The Reunion and Remarriage

Radoni's family and friends gathered together every year. They
chose a large open area in the middle of the forest. Everyone
brought food and drinks. Some travelled hundreds of miles from
north, south and west to attend the reunion.

Neld, married to a woman from the north, made sketches of the
scenes and wrote the names of those who attended.

This year, Onion and Jay celebrated their first anniversary.

Neld spoke, "Let us all wish Onion and Jay many happy years."

Onion blushed, "Thank you all for your good wishes."

Onion and Jay had been married in another part of the forest.
Jay's daughter, Mary, led Onion's path to a small bridge over a
stream. Mary carried a basket of flower petals and cast them in
front of Onion. The preacher stood on the bridge while Onion and
Jay approached from opposite sides of the stream.

Family and friends watched from a gentle slope on Jay's side of
the stream. A small group played songs of love and devotion. The
preacher spoke to the people.

"I have been a preacher for thirty years, my dear friends, and
this is the most beautiful ceremony I have ever seen. May you
all be blessed by it. And let us pray for the marriage of Jay
and Onion."

Radoni stood by the preacher to offer Onion's hand to Jay.

This ends the current sequel of Onion's life.